Service Center For Trash & Recycling Collection

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Bag It & Tie It Due to CORVID-19

Preparing Household Trash and Recycling in Healthy Households 

Here's Why.

TRASH: Please Tightly Secure All TRASH in Plastic Bags. Because of the risk of transmission of COVID-19, we cannot ask drivers to pick up any loose waste off the ground, beside or set on top of trash cans. We need help in ensuring that all residential trash is in bags and tied securely shut.  To the best of your ability, please ensure all waste is inside your container. 


RECYCLING: Please ensure all recyclables are rinsed and clean, with the goal of stopping the spread of sickness. If clean, continue to place recyclable materials inside a recycle bag.


Documentation Required For Services

  • You will need to provide proof of address.

  • The utility bill must be in your name as the proof of address at the time of application.

  • Driver's Licence or any Government-issued ID

Holiday Collection 

When the following holidays fall on a weekday, trash and recycling collection will run 1 day late for the remainder of the week: 

  • New Year’s Day,

  • Memorial Day,

  • Independence Day,

  • Labor Day,

  • Thanksgiving and

  • Christmas.

Should your pick-up day fall on or before one of the holidays listed; your pick-up day will be scheduled on the following day. *

Exemption Service For Aging And/Or Physically Challenged Residents 

World Wide Disposal Services provides a special service for those residents who are physically unable, due to aging or a physical condition, to move collection containers for solid waste and recycling from the building line to the curb for pickup. 


In addition, many do not have any available relative, friend, or neighbor who can perform this task for them. While we are happy to provide this service, we must limit its availability to those whose mobility is medically and physically impaired. 


It is requested that the resident fill out the Exemption Service Questionnaire (PDF) and that medical documentation is provided to verify the need of each resident who receives exemption service. Please remember to have your physician sign the medical documentation. 

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